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Where can I find my best customers?


With a clear picture of your best customer segments and their lifestyles, you are ready to find more like them within current or new markets.

Claritas Segmentation systems allow you to profile your customer file and locate similar people like them to find untapped opportunities for growth. Accurate geographic information is essential for product distribution, resource allocation, local media, promotion strategy and more.

The exhibit below is a map thematically shaded by the key segment groups who shop at Ann Taylor. By analyzing a market by dominant segment groups and overlaying your customer file, you can identify where your current customers and potential new prospects live. Spatial data like this is instrumental in local promotion activities from direct mail, to zoned newspaper advertising to cable television insertions and outdoor advertising.

Mouse over the map to see sample overlay of where customers live in the market. Please note: Data not based on actual Ann Taylor customers.

Concentration Map of Ann Taylor's Segment Target Groups

Washington DC Metro by Block Group

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