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Using MyBestSegments



Claritas MyBestSegments allows you to examine U.S. consumers through the lens of Claritas Segmentation systemsClaritas PRIZM Premier, Claritas PRIZM, Claritas P$YCLE and Claritas ConneXions. Using descriptive segments with detailed demographic and lifestyle traits, you can useClaritas Segmentation to obtain a comprehensive view of your customers to reveal:

Special Features

With Claritas MyBestSegments' easy-to-use interface, you can:

  • Analyze consumer segments by age, income, household composition, and more using theSegment Details or;
  • Investigate the top segments within a ZIP Code for any segmentation system withZIP Code Look-up.

To get even more lifestyle and behavioral data details about your best consumer segments, you cansubscribe to Claritas MyBestSegments or call 800.234.5973!

Understanding Segment Details

Claritas MyBestSegments provides a detailed snapshot for each segment with key demographic as well as lifestyle and media traits. The demographic descriptions are comprised of an income, age and presence of children descriptor for each segment. For example, segment 05 Country Squires, is described as Upscale Middle Age w/ Kids.

For each segment within Claritas' Segmentation systems, you get demographic details on presence of kids, age, income, home ownership, education, race and ethnicity, as well as the top lifestyle and media traits. In addition to these traits, PRIZM® Premier, PRIZM® and P$YCLE® include Claritas Income Producing Assets and ConneXions® include Claritas Technodoption as an added demographic dimension for those segmentation systems.

There are five Presence of Kids descriptors: Households w/ Kids, Mostly w/ Kids, Family Mix, Mostly w/o Kids and Households w/o Kids.

Specific to PRIZM Premier, the ranges of age descriptors vary slightly.

There are seven Age descriptors: 65+, 55+, 45-64, 35-54, 25-44, <55 and <35.

There are seven Income descriptors: Wealthy, Upscale, Upper-Middle, Midscale, Lower-Middle, Downscale and Low.

There are five Home Ownership (Tenure) descriptors: Homeowners; Mostly Owners; Mix, Owners; Mix, Renters and Renters.

There are five Education descriptors: Graduate Plus, College Graduate, Some College, High School Graduate and Some High School.

There are six Employment descriptors: Management; Professional; White-Collar, Mix; White-Collar, Service, Mix; Blue-Collar, Service, Mix and Mostly Retired.

There are seven Race and Ethnicity descriptors: White; White, Asian, Mix; White, Asian, Hispanic, Mix; White, Black, Mix; White, Black, Asian, Mix; White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Mix; and White, Black, Hispanic, Mix.

There are seven Claritas Income Producing Assets (IPA) descriptors: Millionaires, Elite, High, Above average, Moderate, Below average and Low. While there are IPA descriptors for both PRIZM and P$YCLE, IPA is a unique input in the creation of the P$YCLE segmentation system.

Specific to the PRIZM Premier segmentation system, there are five Technology classes: High, Above Average, Average, Below Average, Low.

Specific to the ConneXions segmentation system, there are four Claritas Technodoption classes: High-Tech, Mid-Tech, Low-Tech, No-Tech.

For more details about these descriptors such as how they were created, please contact us or call 800.234.5973.

Data Sources

MyBestSegments is powered by Claritas Segmentation and various syndicated data sources, such as GfK MRI (Mediamark Research Inc.) and R.L. Polk. In combination with Claritas proprietary data, these sources are used in the creation of each segment's snapshot description of its core lifestyle and media traits.

If you have additional questions about Claritas MyBestSegments, please visitFrequently Asked Questions.

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