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Claritas PRIZM Premier Lifestage Groups

PRIZM® Lifestage classifications provide a different way to look at groups of PRIZM Premier segments. While PRIZM Social Groupsare based on both affluence andClaritas Urbanization, PRIZM Premier Lifestage Groups account for affluence and a combination of householder age and household composition.

Within three Lifestage classes—Younger Years, Family Life, and Mature Years—the 68 segments are further grouped into 11 Lifestage Groups. Each Lifestage Group's combination of the three variables—affluence, householder age, and presence of children at home—help paint a more vivid picture of the likely lifestyle of the segments in that group. For example, the three Lifestage Groups that comprise the class Younger Years share the characteristic that the majority of households are young and childless.

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