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Claritas P$YCLE



Financial marketers who need to understand specific customer financial or investment behaviors need more than a score, they need an actionable marketing solution, P$YCLE®.

P$YCLE is a segmentation system that evaluates consumers using key demographic factors that have the greatest effect on their financial behaviors, such as income, age, presence of children, home ownership and Claritas' proprietary measure of Income Producing Assets (IPA). The result is a total of 58 P$YCLE segments, within 12 P$YCLE Lifestage Groups, each with distinct usage patterns for financial and investment products and services.

Features & Benefits

Financial marketers responsible for customer analysis, site location analytics and media strategies from top financial institutions use P$YCLE in the decision-making process for customer acquisition, retention and cross-sell programs. P$YCLE has a wide range of applications for financial marketing, providing all of the external linkages necessary for the company-wide integration of a single customer concept.

With P$YCLE you can:

  • Create more relevant messages and financial product offering for the optimal media
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities by financial and investment product
  • Compare actual market penetration rates against the potential market size
  • Develop and enhance financial or investment products based on detailed usage patterns and demographics
  • Provide insightful information to your product and/or segment managers and determine which financial products are the "next best" to offer
  • Evaluate and map product usage or household balance in your market
  • Measure market composition to identify marketing strategies and set performance goals

P$YCLE also includes the following features:

  • Pinpoint consumer segments who have the resources and propensity to purchase specific financial products and services, when you append P$YCLE codes to your customer information files or any other marketing databases.
  • Use the power of P$YCLE segmentation to link to up-to-date consumer data from major consumer database companies, such as Equifax, Experian and Acxiom, where you may already get your household-level data.
  • Identify unique niches for financial products and services, using P$YCLE as a comprehensive list selection tool to pinpoint prospective customers for acquisition campaigns.
  • Estimate market and branch trade area potential for any financial product, service, channel, etc. with access to ground-counts (segment distributions) of each P$YCLE segment so that customer share-by-segment can be ascertained for markets and trade areas.

To learn more about P$YCLE's financial and investment behavior insights, call 800.234.5973.

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