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Claritas P$YCLE Lifestage Groups

All 58 P$YCLE® segments are numbered in order of affluence and grouped into these 12 broader Lifestage Groups, as shown by the color-coded chart below. Lifestage Groups capture a combination of three variables—affluence, householder age and whether there are children living at home and are organized by lifestyle and financial behavior. For example, the three Lifestage Groups that comprise Younger Years are for the most part young and childless households. What differentiates Lifestage Group Y1 Upwardly Mobile from Lifestage Group Y2 Metro Mainstream is the level of affluence each has achieved at these younger ages.

Similarly, the four groups of segments that make up Family Life are likely to have children in common, while segments categorized as Mature Years are mostly empty nesters. The most affluent P$YCLE segments fall into Lifestage Group M1 Financial Elite, which includes The Wealth Market and Business Class. In contrast, the most downscale segments fall into Lifestage Group Y3 Fiscal Fledgelings, which includes Young Urban Renters and Bottom-Line Blues.

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