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Claritas ConneXions



With the multitude of choices for voice, Internet and video content needs that consumers have today—it is increasingly difficult to understand consumer communications behaviors and develop optimized marketing strategy and tactics. The ConneXions® segmentation system integrates consumer behavior and usage measures for technology, voice, video and data services with demographics and lifestyle characteristics to enable communications service providers, consumer durables manufacturers, and other companies focused on technology adoption, a way to cost-effectively and efficiently retain existing customers, while continuing to acquire new ones.

Features & Benefits

ConneXions provides a platform for understanding consumer communications behavior combined with technology adoption. It gives you the power to understand, find and activate your best customers and prospects. By applying the ConneXions segments to your customer and prospect databases, you can:

  • Expand the limits of your transactional data to find cross-sell and up-sell opportunities within your customer base
  • Create marketing and selling strategies and tactics that will increase sales
  • Discover who is likely to buy and which products or services they want
  • Analyze consumer media purchasing behavior and technology usage for product development

There are 53 ConneXions segments grouped into 10 broader ConneXions Lifestage Groups to help you easily understand consumer communications behaviors. A distinguishing feature of ConneXions, is its use of Claritas Technodoption , a proprietary Claritas model that measures a household's willingness to adopt new technology early in its lifecycle. Principal Drivers of ConneXions assesses a household's likelihood to have products currently in use by Innovator and Early Adopter households.

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