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Claritas Technodoption

A distinguishing feature of Claritas ConneXions is its use of Claritas Technodoption, a proprietary model that measures the willingness of a household to adopt new technology early in its lifecycle. Claritas Technodoption assesses how early in the technology lifecycle a household is to adopt that technology. Within the ConneXions® segmentation system, there are four levels of Claritas Technodoption

  • High Tech - Segments classified as High Tech are the technology trendsetters. They are the most likely of all ConneXions® segments to be the first to try every new technology
  • Mid Tech - Segments classified as Mid Tech are a bit more selective about the new technologies they will try, although it is unclear if savvy or salary is driving the hard choices. They are frequently heavy users of one particular product or service while lagging in other products.
  • Low Tech - Segments classified as Low Tech are best described as those with big dreams and low budgets. Many of these segments would adopt more technology products if they could afford to.
  • No Tech - Segments classified as No Tech not only pass on trying new technology, they are also lagging in adopting well-established technology.

Technodoption is combined with the Claritas Lifestage classifications to form the framework for the ConneXions Lifestage Group typology.

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